Wednesday, July 18, 2007, posted by Auto Rider at 8:56 PM

The Ford Motor Company’s Indian arm recently announced that they are indeed planning to introduce a small car in the growing Indian auto market. Today, about 80 percent of new vehicles sold in India are small cars. Aside from developing small cars for the Indian auto market, Ford is also concentrating on the development of -equipped diesel cars - an example of which is the recently launched Fusion diesel. Indian car buyers are looking for fuel efficient cars and diesel vehicles is one of the solutions.

According to studies conducted on the Indian auto market, 30 percent of auto buyers in India prefer diesel powered cars than gasoline ones. The introduction of the diesel Fusion is expected to boost the sale of diesel powered cars in the Indian auto market.

"Fusion is a car for urban users, and, with fuel prices going up many customers prefer diesel as the fuel-price equation is in favor of diesel," President Mathews said earlier in June.