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Tyler nicknamed "The Demon of Screamin'" is the lead singer for the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith. Tyler is also known for his passion for motorcycles. And just recently, the singer announced that he has collaborated with Mark Dirico and AC Custom Motorcycles to come up with the Red Wing Motorcycle Company.

According to the company's website, "Steven Tyler brought an artistic flair to these motorcycles." The site further describes what Tyler has done in the design of the motorcycles saying that Tyler created "striking color palette with clean chrome lines and dozens of small details that make Red Wing Motorcycles like no other motorcycle available."

"You get on one of these bikes and you can ride for days," Tyler said. “These bikes are sick, rugged, and just damn cool. And they’re amazing to look at." According to the makers of Red Wing motorcycles, the bikes that they manufacture are not only designed to look good but are also designed to be taken on a ride. Compared to a stock Harley-Davidson, Red Wing motorcycles have 35 percent more horsepower delivered to the rear wheel. This makes it more powerful on the road and motorcycle enthusiasts may soon be lining up to own one of these unique bikes.

The company not only has the style and the flair of Steven Tyler but is also backed by a competent and experienced team of engineers. Internationally renowned master engineer Mark Dirico lends his talent to this company. Every part of every motorcycle is designed to give the motorcycle a smooth ride. This includes keeping the rider comfortable at all times. All of the bikes that the company will sell are hand crafted by a team at AC Custom Motorcycles which has had more than 300 years of combined experience in manufacturing and perfecting motorcycles. "Make no mistake, these custom motorcycles are not just works of art. These motorcycles are comfortable, performance oriented and crafted to be the only ride you’ll need for years to come," claimed the company's site.

For Aerosmith fans, Tyler has an added bonus as every motorcycle that they produce is hand signed by the rock and roll superstar himself. With the popularity of Steven Tyler it can be expected that a lot of rock and roll and motorcycle fans will be the first ones to order a motorcycle from Red Wing.

Steven Tyler shares his inspiration for Red Wing bikes saying: "It is interesting that we stopped where most people start. Their egos take over and they elongate the front end and go past that point of no return. We kept it retro and used a lot of quality parts. It’s really good stuff. Very retro, very rideable. Very non-breakable. Very dependable. Very demon of screamin'."

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