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Auto experts say that women prefer chic and fun cars.

Earlier, NBC divulged the top ten flirtiest cars. First on the list is the Volkswagen Beetle. Statistically, the Volkswagen Beetle is the most popular car for women, with 57 percent of all buyers of Beetles since July having been women, according to JD Power and Associates. The starting price $16,400 and its uniqueness seem to be the feminine appeal of the car.

"Females, they have a much better sense of styling than men," said Tom Lisle, the general manager of Denny Hecker VW Dealership in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. "I think they like being different."

The Volkswagen Jetta continues to be one of the most popular automobiles for young women, "(The Jetta) is especially popular with college students," Yos noted. "It's a fun, very affordable car. It's safe, sporty, and we have a great college graduate program."

Third on the list is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. While it has fallen in popularity in the last two years, the Eclipse Spyder was the most popular car for women in 2005, according to JDPA, with 65 percent of all buyers being female.

Next in line is another VW car – the Eos. Yos, however, views the car as appealing to an almost solely female clientele, mostly in their 30s. "I think I've only sold one male an Eos so far. It's definitely a female-driven car," he said. "I think it definitely has an elegant feel to it, just a really sleek line."

BMW enters the list with its captivating Z4. The Z4 is engineered to cater to auto fetishes of successful, young women. Even for those who cannot afford the car, the Z4 still is still their option.

And also Toyota RAV4, a sleek SUV. "It has a sporty feel, but you're still high enough up so you feel like you have the security of an SUV, but with great gas mileage," Yos said. "It's very inexpensive. You can get Rav-4's for as little as $20,000. They're real great starter cars."

Completing the list are the Honda CR-V, Pontiac Solstice, Mini Cooper, and the Mazda Miata.

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