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The i-Blue is powered by hydrogen, which experts are claiming to be the future of green vehicles. Using hydrogen as fuel means that it does not produce any amounts of greenhouse gas. According to The Auto Channel, the i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle was developed at the automaker's Design and Technical Center located in Chiba, Japan. The automaker's development of the hydrogen-powered vehicle signals its active participation in the race to become the first automaker to mass produce hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The first two generations of the i-Blue were based on SUV platforms. The use of said platform enables the designers of the concept vehicle to have ample room to stow the components used by a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The unveiled i-Blue on the other hand has been developed using a crossover platform. This means that the automaker has overcome the need for a larger space to stow the needed components for the vehicle to run on hydrogen.

The third-generation i-Blue is powered by a fuel cell stack and an electric engine capable of producing 100 kW. Maximum speed of the vehicle is placed at a hundred miles per hour. A full tank of compressed hydrogen can power the vehicle for up to 370 miles.

The Hyundai I-Blue is a four-seat vehicle and one of its most striking features are the space age bucket seats, front and rear in the fuel cell crossover. The cockpit design is sure to gain many fans as the vehicle was designed for comfort along with its zero emissions capabilities.

The use of a crossover platform on the third-generation i-Blue also changed the position of the fuel cell stack. In the second generation i-Blue which is built around a Hyundai Tucson, the fuel cell stack is placed in the engine compartment. In the new i-Blue, the fuel cell stack is placed underneath the floor. This placement of the said component allows the new i-Blue to have a 50:50 weight distribution.

The said distribution is ideal so that the vehicle will have better agility. That means it can be easily driven as it responds better to handling than the old Tucson-based i-Blue.

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