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The Mazda Motor Corp. has launched its four-door, four-seater sports coupe RX-8 at this year’s North American International Auto Show with a serious bang. The new generation coupe boasts of a refreshed styling and an improved performance to wow more auto enthusiasts.

The Japanese automaker restyled the front and rear bumpers, wheels, headlights, and LED taillights while retaining the traditional rear-hinged rear doors. What is more, the automaker made the exhaust pipes and alloy wheels bigger than the previous model.

The RX-8 entertained a stiffened body by using a bar between the front suspension towers. Aside from enhancing stability of the car, it is also resorted to improve handling. The gearing was also modified to make the car even faster.

"Dating back to the Cosmo Sport released in 1967, every sports car ever developed by Mazda has had the same fundamental mission - to provide car lovers with a vehicle that's fun-to-drive, exciting to look at and easy to own," said Tetsu Nakazawa, Mazda North American Operations' RX-8 vehicle line manager. "The new RX-8 embodies that mission, conveying the unique and distinctive Mazda brand DNA to the fullest."

To make the revision catchier, Mazda’s pool of engineers zeroed in on innovation in three areas – styling, packaging and performance. "The enhancements made to RX-8's exterior, interior, packaging and performance takes it to a whole new level of visual and driving excitement," added Nakazawa.

Also, a flagship new sport package of the car will also be available. This will include a sport-tuned suspension, a body kit (with a new front bumper and side sills as well as fog lights and high-performance tyres) and Recaro front seats with leather side bolsters, reported Reuters.

The revised models are expected to go on sale in the United Kingdom in the summer. According to the maker prices and specifications will be announced nearer the time.

"You will see this design philosophy in the future," von Holzhausen said last Wednesday at the AutoWeek Design Forum. “If Mazda doesn't evolve and reinvent its "skin," it runs the risk of becoming obsolete. Look at BMW. They recreated their skin. It was controversial but now they are selling more cars because of it.”

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