Thursday, April 10, 2008, posted by Auto Rider at 7:15 PM

Looking for a job is not easy. One would have to be smart and witty to be able to impress interviewers.

According to a latest count, there are over 100,000 positions available in the various car and truck dealerships all around the country. And dealerships would not be able to function well if there are no employees around. With the Automotive Careers Online which can be accessed through, a person looking for a job in the auto industry could easily find a job. Automotive Careers Online is actually an interactive job board online which has been launched by the National Automobile Dealers Association. One would find that this site is very much similar to other job boards like However, Automotive Careers Online’s difference is that only positions in dealerships are posted here.

Annette Sykora, head of NADA, declared, “With a focus exclusively on careers available at new car and truck dealerships, the Web site offers both job seekers and dealers an easy way to connect online.”

The whole process of using Automotive Careers Online is easy. Once you have posted the job openings available, you can still access your post and update it if you want to. Those who do put in job posts would also be given access to a resume database which is easy to use because you can just search for the criteria you are looking for and be given the resume of those who are qualified. Alerts would also be sent to your dealership’s e-mail when a qualified candidate for the job you have posted uploads his/her resume.

On the other hand, for a person looking for a career in a car dealership, he/she can also access Automotive Careers Online. They can post and upload resumes on the site itself. Whenever there is a dealership that posts a new job opening that matches the qualifications of the job seeker, an e-mail notification would then be sent to him/her to inform him of the position.

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