Friday, July 20, 2007, posted by Auto Rider at 7:28 PM

After denying that Coughlan is passing the information to other team members, McLaren questioned the FIA as to the legality of the movable ‘floor’ design of the Ferrari cars. The team approached the governing body of the sport at the Australian Grand Prix.

After McLaren approached the FIA concerning the ‘floor’ design of the Ferrari cars, the ruling body mandated Ferrari to change the design. According to reports, this caused the slump the Italian team met after the Australian Grand Prix. This shows that McLaren has information concerning the technical details of Ferrari cars.

McLaren has much to loose in the scandal. For one, the reputation of the team will be undermined. Using a particular Ferrari design for a McLaren car could even result to a poor performing car.

McLaren currently leads the constructors’ championship standings ahead of Ferrari.