Thursday, August 2, 2007, posted by Auto Rider at 9:57 PM

McLaren has been accused by Ferrari of spying. The said dossier was turned over to Coughlan by former Ferrari senior engineer Nigel Stepney.

Ferrari’s team Principal Jean Todt was furious of the decision. The Italian team is appealing the verdict and is planning to file charges against McLaren, Coughlan, and Stepney.

McLaren’s team principal, Ron Dennis, recently answered back and criticized Ferrari. According to Dennis, Stepney acted as a whistleblower, telling McLaren’s Coughlan that the Ferrari cars fielded for the Australian Grand Prix uses questionable components. McLaren requested the FIA to clarify the use of the said components. Dennis said that: “As far as we are aware, Ferrari ran their cars with this illegal device at the Australian Grand Prix, which they won". Dennis also clarified that Coughlan took the dossier from Stepney not to use it for the McLaren team. McLaren currently leads both the drivers’ and constructors’ championship standings.

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