Wednesday, July 25, 2007, posted by Auto Rider at 10:07 PM

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has been breaking record after record in his budding Formula One career. The British driver not only failed to finish in the top three, but also failed to take even a single point after he finished ninth.

Although Hamilton’s lead of twelve points going into the European Grand Prix is now only two points over teammate Fernando Alonso, the young rookie sensation just smiled at his disastrous European Grand Prix. Hamilton is also not worried about the threat of Ferrari drivers which have shown resurgence at the past three races.

Kimi Raikkonen’s back-to-back wins prior to the European Grand Prix and his pole position in Saturday’s qualifying does not make Hamilton worry. The British driver though does not underestimate the speed of the Ferrari cars. At the European Grand Prix, Hamilton’s disastrous weekend started in qualifying on Saturday. The crash almost sidelined Hamilton but he was cleared for the race.

After his disappointing weekend, the championship leader showed why he is considered one of the classiest drivers in Formula One. Hamilton, smiling after his ninth place finish, did not even try to put the blame on anyone or anything but instead turned the negative into positive.

“I came here completely sick, had one of the biggest crashes I've ever had, suffered a puncture, rain, went off in the gravel, more rain. It was a great weekend for learning. I have probably had less than 500km in the wet, hardly anything at all. It's all new to me. I hope this bad luck out of the way. I'm still leading the world championship and find that quite amusing after everything that has happened. I had more fun than in the past nine races put together,” he blurted.

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