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Despite of the heavy rain that poured at the European Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday, for Alonso, rain at Nurburgring is stardust!

After a series of frustrating races, double-world champion Alonso has finally hit a stardust shower. Fernando has more to rue than most about the reduced possibility of liquid stardust being sprinkled on race circuits in the near future because the Spaniard is an awesome competitor in the wet. "I like rain, no doubt, I am always quite happy to go and have some fun in it," he explained.

Race analysts say that Alonso is mega in the rain adding that could be the reason he is living in England rather than in Spain.

Alonso radiates glee and jubilation after winning the much-concluded European Grand Prix. In his race report, The Times' motoring correspondent Edward Gorman reminded enthusiasts. “You often hear it said that, to make Formula One more interesting, Bernie Ecclestone, the sport's ringmaster, should have sprinkler systems installed at every track so that water can be brought into play,” said Gorman.

“At a thrilling, chaotic and dramatic European Grand Prix here yesterday - won by an ecstatic Fernando Alonso for McLaren Mercedes, from Felipe Massa, who was second for Ferrari, and Mark Webber, who was third for Red Bull Racing - you could see exactly why people think that,” added Gorman.

The next F1 race is the Hungarian GP on Aug 5 in Budapest.

In the coming races, Alonso could be wishing for more great monsoons in his favor…

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