Wednesday, October 17, 2007, posted by Auto Rider at 10:20 PM

Earth Communications Inc. will be launching a new GPS-based vehicle tracking device ahead of OnStar which will launch a similar device for General Motors vehicles by 2009. The aim of the tracking device is to make recovery of stolen vehicles much easier.

The Auto Channel reported that the National Insurance Crime Bureau gathered that every 26 seconds, a car is stolen in the United States. In response to that alarming rate of scar theft, Kay Aladesuyi, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Earth Search, has this to say: "Not anymore. The only way a car thief can steal a vehicle equipped with one of our devices is by towing it - and we have an alert for that, too. We don't just find stolen vehicles; we provide the tool to stop the theft."

The technology works in a way that would make it virtually impossible for a thief to get away with a car equipped with Earth Search's device. Every time a vehicle owner gets out and locks the door of his or her vehicle, he or she can use his or her mobile phone to send a message to the device. That message can disable the engine. With the engine disabled, thieves' attempt at "hot-wiring" the car will fail. Isis Barchi, chief technology officer for Earth Search has this to say: "This is a highly user-friendly and effective auto-theft prevention device."

The Earth Search technology also informs a vehicle owner if his or her vehicle was moved in any direction. This capability of the device allows car owners to be always informed as to what is happening to their vehicle. The AutoSearchGPS as the device is called can also be used to locate a vehicle via a mobile phone.

A vehicle can be tracked in real time online. This capability allows authorities to learn where the vehicle is and where it has been. The exact location of the vehicle as well as its speed can also be learned with the use of the device. "In the highly unlikely event that a thief is able to move a vehicle equipped with our product, inevitably the vehicle can be found quickly," enthused Aladesuyi.

The device which is considered as a benchmark-setting system is now available as optional features on vehicles purchased at participating Mazda dealerships in Atlanta. Aladesuyi pointed out that OnStar's device works similar to the AutoSearchGPS. The only difference is that their device is available today and not two years from now.

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