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The said vehicle is greener than gas-electric hybrid vehicles as it is designed to run on hydrogen fuel which does not emit greenhouse gases. In connection with the unveiling of the FCX Clarity, Honda also announced that their Home Energy Station IV is already being used on their R&D facility in Torrance, California. Said unit is designed to provide fuel for hydrogen–powered vehicles such as the FCX Clarity. In addition, the said experimental device also provides electricity and heating for home use.

The said Home Energy Station is the fourth-generation of the mentioned technology and has been made more compact and efficient. With its compact construction, it will take up less space than its previous versions. According to Honda, the newest device is also less costly than previous units.

Hydrogen fueled vehicles are being seen as the vehicles of a greener future as it does not produce any greenhouse gases. Unlike hybrid vehicles which still produce carbon dioxide since they still burn petroleum fuel, hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles only produce water vapor as its emission. But in order for hydrogen-powered vehicles to be mass produced and used widely, car manufacturers should bring down its cost of production. Another issue being faced by this technology is the availability of refilling stations offering hydrogen fuel.

With the Home Energy Station, refilling hydrogen-powered vehicles is no longer a problem as consumers can easily refill their hydrogen car's tanks in their own homes. The said technology does not only cut down greenhouse gas production via automobiles but also through the power grid. Electricity is sometimes produced by burning petroleum fuel, but with the Home Energy Station, consumers can produce electricity for their home using hydrogen as fuel.

Tomiji Sugimoto, the vice president of Honda Research and Development Americas, had this to say: "Honda is striving to address the need for a refueling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Home Energy Station represents one promising solution to this issue, while offering the added benefit of heating and powering the home more efficiently."

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