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For the first time, a woman has won the MediaCorp Radio Subaru Impreza Challenge. And Sandra Yeow is the name behind that valiant woman.

Yeow was declared Tuesday the ultimate winner after she kept her hand on the car for 77 hours and 13 minutes, Channel NewsAsia reported. That sets a new record for the event. To note, the record is over an hour longer than the male winner, Kevin Lee.

Abdul Hamid Jonid thought he had won the men's challenge 73 hours and 55 minutes after the competition had started. But his joy was short-lived.

Dahlia Z, the Assistant Vice-President for English Programming, MediaCorp Radio, has this to say: "The last two... usually it's pretty crucial and contestants are irrational, they have not had that much sleep and one of the contestants had clenched his fist so he was disqualified, but he thought he had won so he lifted up his hands in glee." But Hamid's family could not be more proud of him, for remaining as the final two.

The last man standing, however, was 30-year-old Kevin Lee. He won the Brand New Subaru Impreza 1.5R, worth $58,000. But he was aspiring for the fancier car - the MI Rally Team version. He faced tough competition from the remaining women.

The prior record of 74 hours and 59 minutes was set by the 2004 winner Ian Lee. That was conked out at 4 in the afternoon when there were still three women and one man left in the competition. After 76 hours, Kevin Lee threw in the towel to claim his car, leaving the three women to battle it out.

Ian Lee said that the worst moment came at the 42nd hour. He said, "In fact I cried, I cried and cried but after that, I pulled out from that... I went to the lowest bottom out then managed to bounce back."

Finally, after 77 hours and 13 minutes, the ultimate winner was named – the 25-year-old Sandra Yeow, winning for herself the MI Rally Team version of the Brand New Subaru Impreza 1.5R, worth $68,000. This was Yeow's third attempt at the challenge.

After spending four days and three nights outdoors, she has just one thing on her mind. She said, "To go home and bathe because houseflies seem to like me a lot right now, so I guess I need to go home and change and bathe and be clean again."

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