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Shell Oil Products US (which is more commonly known as Shell) has a new kind of promotion which would make you, and your pocket, flash a really happy smile.

The promotion is known as “Earn 25 Cents Per Gallon” and it is all about that. To be able to take advantage of the promotion, you should have a new account for a Shell Gasoline Card. The account should be opened from April 1st up until June 30th only. Within this period, if you open a new account with them for a Shell Gasoline Card, you would be able to take advantage of the promotion.

For the first hundred gallons of gasoline you purchase from Shell, you would be getting a rebate of 25 cents per gallon of gasoline. Of course, you should use your new Shell Gas Card in purchasing the fuel for your vehicle. Starting from the day that you opened your Shell Gas Card account, you should count 90 days. During that period, you should be able to complete purchasing a hundred gallons of Shell fuel. Once you have been able to complete buying a hundred gallons in 90 days since opening your gas card account, you would automatically be given a gift card from Shell amounting to $25. The gift card would be sent to your mailing address and you would be able to use that for Shell products, food, and drinks.

Caroline Yapp is manager for Shell’s US card and payments department. On their new promotion, she declared, “The 'Earn 25 Cents per Gallon' promotion is a great way to create loyal customers who recognize that not all gasolines are the same and want to ensure they're getting a great value for high-quality gasoline. Our new promotion is designed to help people get in the habit of stopping at one of the 14,000-plus Shell-branded stations across the US for their fuel.”

According to Shell, you can apply for your very own Shell Gasoline Card through their various retailers all around the country. Or you can also apply online at You can also call the company and apply for this card at (888) 98-SHELL (987-4355). This, indeed, is a really good way to take full advantage of each cent you earn.

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