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Automotive specialists and a panel of editors from Kelley Blue Book’s named the 2009 Ford Flex one of its “Top Ten Best New Road Trip Vehicles.”

“The functionality, cargo capacity and interior space of the Ford Flex coupled with its high feature set make it a pretty ideal cross-country commuting vehicle. It’s the kind of vehicle that you could put lots and lots of miles on in a day and then not feel fatigued in at the end,” says Micah Muzio, road test editor, Kelley Blue Book’s

According to Muzio, the editors assessed all substantial and insubstantial characteristics that would improve any long drive experience such as driving satisfaction, passenger convenience, and cargo room and fuel economy. These were the grounds in selecting this year’s group of “Best New Road Trip Vehicles.”

Whether it’s a group of people or a person traveling alone, Flex Marketing Manager Catherine Pearce says Ford’s newest crossover will provide an enjoyable trip.

“Flex offers unparalleled space, an expansive view and amenities not available anywhere else, and we’re delighted that the editors of Kelley Blue Book’s chose to recognize Flex in their exclusive list,” she said.

The all-new 2009 Flex is set to hit Ford dealerships this summer, has already earned a bunch of awareness for its distinctive box-like design with signature side grooves, all-black greenhouse and distinctive multi-panel Vista Roof™. Flex offers astonishing cargo space and comfort for up to seven passengers inside. It also provides wide, capacious seats and high-quality head room and leg room in all three rows. According to Flex Chief Designer Richard Gresens, the Flex generates an environment on parity with the best modes of transportation.

“Everything about the new Ford Flex renews my faith in transportation,” he said. “Flex reclaims our right as passengers to move in style and comfort.” “The sunroof makes the vehicle seem even roomier,” he said. “Also, each of the roof panels as its own sun visor, so that if a person on the right side wants sun and a person on the left side doesn’t, that’s something that the passengers can control themselves.”

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